Think document management software is too expensive,
ConDoc - Simple, Intuitive, Affordable.

Does your documentation management
method do this?

  • Automatic Plan Management with Full Versioning and Markup
  • RFI and Submittal Management with Custom Workflows
  • Provide Organized Access to your Project Details and Photos
  • Make Team Collaboration Easy
  • Show Real-time Updates with Email Notifications

ConDoc Does. Don't just store your Construction Documents, MANAGE them! 

"...I feel we didn't give up anything when we made the change, other than we saved a substantial amount of money, and we're getting a better product. Definitely a win/win for us."

~Paul H. Assistant Project Manager, Pacific West Builders

Plan Management

Keep everyone on the current set with full version control. Easily create markup, takeoffs, notes, and link to documents. Available to your entire project team, field to office, on or offline.

Document and Photo Management

Keep all of your project documentation organized and in one plance. Streamline and audit document workflows, approvals and response times. Organize your RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Punchlists, Photos, Videos, and more.

Daily Logging

Eliminate risks and disputes from the jobsite. Capture important project data in real time by logging daily reports.

Design Collaboration

Enhance communication between PMs, Architects, Engineers, and Consultants. Access, compare, and markup crucial project documents anytime, anywhere.

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