Pricing, Simplified

Collaborate with your entire project team
Unlimited Users — Unlimited Documents — Unlimited Sheets

Keep your hard-earned money. Unlike other software programs, we do not charge a percent of your contract value, we do not charge per user license fees, and we will never ask you to send us your financials.

We get it, document management is not one size fits all. ConDoc is priced based on the number of projects you run and the feature set you need. Whether you’re a commercial general contractor or a private contractor specializing in residential or remodels, ConDoc is for you!

  • Basic

    Perfect for smaller contractors who need to manage and share standard documentation with owners or subcontractors

    starting at
    per month
    • 2 Projects Free
    • Unlimited Sheets
    • Unlimited Users
    • Plan Management
    • Plan Room for Bidding
    • Mark-Up Tools
    • Bluebeam Ingetration
    • Field Notes
    • Photo Gallery
    • File Cabinet
    • Robust Auditing
    • 6 Month Project Archive
  • Standard

    Perfect for small-medium sized contractors who need to assign and track issues and daily activity

    starting at
    per month
    Includes Basic +
    • Daily Logging
    • Tasks
    • Issues
    • Basic Custom Forms
    • 1 Year Project Archive
  • Most Popular


    Perfect for mid-large sized contractors who need full document control with automatic workflow

    starting at
    per month
    Includes Standard +
    • Out-to Bid Phase
    • RFIs
    • Submittals
    • CR/COs
    • 3 Year Project Archive
  • Enterprise

    Perfect for mid-large sized contractors who build multi-building structures, require CUI security, and/or want the ability to create your own forms and workflow across your portfolio

    starting at
    per month
    Includes Professional +
    • Approval Workflow
    • Customizable Forms
    • Multi-Building
    • 7 Yr Project Archiving

The Fine Print

There really isn’t any, but our attorney requires this section, so here you go.

  • Pricing is based on Concurrent Active Projects, meaning the number of projects you are actively working on at the same time. Inactive projects are available to view, but cannot be changed. You can reactivate projects at anytime.
  • UNLIMITED Users: Collaborate with your entire project team for no additional cost to you or them! You, your architect, your sub-contractors, your work buddies, the guy down the street – literally anyone
  • UNLIMITED Sheets: We don’t have time to count sheets, and neither do you! Invite who you need, upload what you want without worry of additional fees or exceeding maximum counts
  • Easy, Transparent Pricing: Use ConDoc because you love it, not because you are contractually obligated to do so. We will not ask you for financials or make your team purchase licenses to access your projects.

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