Moving Beyond Dropbox and Google Docs for Construction Management

Did you know up to 14 hours per week is spent looking for relevant project information?

When it comes to project management, there’s no shortage of software solutions available. But many construction companies are still using Dropbox and Google Docs for their project management. While these cloud-based solutions have revolutionized how we share information, they lack the functionality, security, and complexity necessary for effective construction document management.

Document Storage vs. Document Management

The first issue with using these cloud storage solutions for construction management is that they simply can’t handle the complexity of project evolution. Even the most basic projects involve multiple stakeholders, countless documents, and complex approval processes. And let’s face it, ALL projects encounter changes. With these storage services, you have limited options when it comes to tracking progress or managing tasks. You also don’t have built-in features for sending notifications, which can be essential in a fast-paced construction environment. In short, while they may be great for simple tasks such as document sharing or editing, they are not designed to serve as an all-in-one solution for construction projects.


The second major problem with using these services to manage your construction projects is security. Projects often contain sensitive information such as plans, drawings, and contracts that should remain secured. Neither Dropbox nor Google Docs offer any real security beyond basic password protection, leaving your documents vulnerable. Additionally, not all of these services provide a way of tracking who has accessed what documents and when, making it impossible to understand who has seen what information at any given time. Are your competitors watching – you bet they are! In the age of digital everything, auditing is a must.

Wait, is This the Most Current Plan?

Sound familiar? This is perhaps the most costly draw back to Dropbox and Google Docs when used as a document management tool. Let’s face it, they are EXCELLENT at storing documents, but fail to manage them. Trying to manage versioned plans in a file folder system with a naming schema is cumbersome and the error rate is high. Do you know the cost of working from an old plan set? Does it offset the price you paid for your Dropbox/Google Docs subscription vs the cost of using a tool designed specifically for the construction industry like ConDoc?


At face value, using Dropbox and Google Docs may seem like an attractive option for managing construction projects due to their simplicity; however, they ultimately fall short when compared with dedicated software solutions designed specifically for this purpose.

Think these dedicated solutions are too expensive, think again! ConDoc is a feature rich, cost effective tool that makes documentation management simple across your entire portfolio.

Services such as ConDoc provide powerful real-time collaboration capabilities combined with robust security measures that keep your data safe while allowing your team access whenever they need it, wherever they are, on or offline.

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