See How ConDoc Makes Construction Project Management Simple

Easily collaborate with your entire project team, field to office, on or offline. Increase communication and productivity without cutting into your bottom line. 

Project Management

ConDoc does the heavy lifting for you, regardless of your job role, saving you time and money, and minimizing errors. 

Upload drawing sets in minutes with our AI powered plan reader. Streamline document workflows, approvals, and reduce response times. Access Drawings, RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Punchlists, Checklists, Files, Photos and more, anytime, from anywhere.


Quality, Safety, & Logging

Eliminate risks and disputes from the jobsite. Capture important project data in real time by managing daily logs, safety checklists, tasks, and more. 

Easy to Use

Your project may be complex, but your software shouldn’t be. ConDoc is simple, straightforward software your team will thank you for. Easy to learn, easy to use.


File & Photo Management

If a picture is worth 1000 words, why not store a million of them? Organize files and photos (and videos) your way in ConDoc’s file cabinet. 

Simple, Intuitive, Affordable

Software doesn’t have to break the budget. ConDoc bills one monthly, affordable fee that is easy to understand. Want a discount, pay annually and get TWO months for free!