The hidden costs of construction. Do you know where your RFI is?

“35% of construction professional’s time is spent looking for project information…”

“If you can’t find an email to back it up when you have a litigation, it could mean losing a case which means thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table, so that’s crucial” Ali Farahzadi, Sr. Project Manager

The Cost of Disputes in Construction

Covid-19, Staffing Challenges, Energy Prices, Supply-Chain Issues, Increased Costs, and Inflation all contribute to boiling financial pressures in the construction industry. With costs on the rise, so is the risk of litigation. Of 500 companies surveyed in Europe, 87% claimed to have dealt with legal disputes in the past 12 months, an increase of 63% over the previous year. Here, in North America, construction disputes rose from $18.8m in 2019 to $37.9m in 2020. Ouch.

60% of general contractors struggle with coordination and communication between project team members and quality of the documentation as key contributors to decreased labor productivity.

Time is Money

The Digital Builder reports that 35% of construction professional’s time is spent looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework. At $25/hour, you are spending $350 per week, over $17,000 per year to locate vital project documents.

Save Time and Money with Documentation Communication, Collaboration, and Control

Change happens in every construction project. Be prepared with a document management platform that is easy enough for your entire team to use every day.

ConDoc puts your project documents at the fingertips of everyone engaged in the project, making it easy to communicate in real time with the entire project team, collaborate around changes, and control versions, timelines, and budget. Our robust auditing captures all activity, per document, across your project portfolio.

ConDoc, Ultimate Accountability. Do you know where your RFI is, who has viewed it, or more importantly, who hasn’t?