Customizable Email Notifications

ConDoc allows users the ability to manage notifications based on preference.

We understand how daunting a work email inbox can get. It’s tiresome having to scroll through thousands of emails every single week, and that’s even if it gets past being marked as spam.

You’re then tasked with having to identify which emails are relevant and important enough for you to read or respond to.

ConDoc’s customizable notification settings help filter through unwanted or irrelevant emails, saving you time, keeping you focused, and on task.

Manage Email Notifications based on Document Type or Discipline

  • Plans, Drawings, & Specs
  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Change Orders
  • Change Requests
  • All other document types

ConDoc helps the entire Project Team manage construction documentation on commercial projects of all types. Save time and money with ConDoc!

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