Time is Money, Can You Afford to Waste it?

Construction industry professionals rely on an abundance of tools that are intended to help make work easier on the jobsite. Today, technology is one of those tools and is being used all over the world to help manage construction projects, teams, communication, and collaboration. The key to a successful project is time management and if the system you currently have in place is outdated, your company’s bottom line is at stake.

It’s no surprise that changes are inevitable in construction. Revisions, updates, trips back and forth from the office to the trailer, printing, and reprinting documentation is time consuming and costly. The use of spreadsheets, email, DropBox, and complicated software applications is extremely daunting to your entire project team. This is especially true for the upcoming generation of workers who were born with devices in their hands. Many times, crucial project data gets lost in the void due to lack of process and workflow. Under these circumstances, managers and superintendents have no clear direction or real-time scope of what is happening on their jobsite.

According to a recent FMI report:

95% of all data captured in construction and engineering goes unused.

35% of construction professionals’ time is spent (that’s over 14 hours per week) on non-productive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework.

60% of general contractors see problems with coordination and communication between project teams and issues with the quality of contract documents as key contributors to decreased labor productivity.

Wake up, dust off your boots, it’s time to put the primitive ways of managing a project behind you! There is no need for the cumbersome tactics of paper, spreadsheets, DropBox, and outdated technology when it comes to managing your multi-million-dollar construction projects. By embracing construction management software, you can cut the time it takes to create, distribute, and search for crucial project details in half.

Your company needs a modern project management software solution. Cloud-based platforms are here to stay and by leveraging new technology into your day-to-day business processes you ensure project teams have access to the most current set of information, keeping everyone accountable and on track for success. In return, your company will save substantial time and money.

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