Say hi to Cody Sauer

Looking for an event sponsor, opportunity to network, or interested in learning more about ConDoc? Cody Sauer is your guy!

Some of Cody’s daily duties include:

  • Both inbound and outbound marketing initiatives
  • Content creation and website maintenance
  • Business development and customer outreach
  • Working closely with clients and all other departments within the company

“I absolutely love working at ConDoc! Every day presents a new challenge but is equally rewarding. Having the opportunity to work closely with construction professionals, to better understand their document management needs, and relaying that information to our software developers has been such an amazing experience. Over the last few years, I’ve learned so much about both industries and enjoy being able to connect with project owners and general contractors, to hear their story. ConDoc has made so many positive strides over the last few years, the software application just keeps getting better and better! It’s really exciting to be a part of an emerging technology within the commercial construction industry.”

Fun fact: Cody is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and has been in and out of rock bands and other musical projects for more than half of his life. Rock on Cody!

ConDoc is Construction Documentation Simplified. Accessible on any device, field to office, on or offline. Easily manage your project team and documentation in real time, from anywhere. General contractors, project owners, design teams, and subcontractors rely on ConDoc to help streamline communication, eliminate rework, and ensure everyone is building from the most current set of information. Take on more work without taking away from your bottom line. To learn more about ConDoc, or to request a free personalized demo, visit