• Daily Logging Simplified

    ConDoc makes it easy to create and manage daily reporting.

    Daily Logging | ConDoc Staff | March 29, 2021

  • Submittals Simplified

    ConDoc makes it easy for users to create and manage Submittals throughout the entire lifespan of a construction project. "ConDoc has provided the staff of CREW a very user-friendly platform for years now. Their product helps streamline communication from office to field teams for both design and construction companies on projects of any size. ConDoc continually develops their product, and listens to the feedback of their customers, while providing unmatched

    Submittals | ConDoc Staff | February 9, 2021

  • Say hi to Rachael Myers

    Rachael Myers is truly a Jack of all trades. In addition to onboarding and training new customers, Rachael oversees various administrative tasks, client outreach, support, and video creation at ConDoc. “I love the customer interaction, especially the onboarding process with new clients. It makes me proud to listen to their enthusiasm as we walk them through the application. It’s awesome knowing that our team has created ConDoc from the ground

    ConDoc | ConDoc Staff | January 28, 2021

  • Introducing: ConDoc Photo Gallery

    ConDoc’s new Photo Gallery feature gives users the ability to scroll through all images and attachments associated with their projects. Stay up to date with your latest project development! No need to worry about viewing permissions. Original security settings will stay with the image for the duration of the project. Filter images by setting a custom date range. Search for photos by name or document type. Click to enlarge photos.

    Photo Gallery | ConDoc Staff | January 22, 2021

  • 2020 ConDoc Recap

    Whew, what a year it's been! We are fortunate to have been able to continue working through the many challenges 2020 presented. The results of Covid-19 made our team stronger, requiring flexibility and increased communication across the board. The opportunity to build a stronger foundation fostered closer relationships with our customers as well, for which we are thankful. We spent the year focusing on improving ConDoc, with the goal of

    ConDoc | ConDoc Staff | January 8, 2021

  • RFIs Simplified

    ConDoc makes it easy for users to create and manage RFIs throughout the entire lifespan of a construction project. Key Features for RFI Management in ConDoc include: Ability for Subs & GCs to create RFIs Accessible on any device, online or offline Mobile App (iOS & Android) Customizable workflow & settings Plan markup & supporting documentation, including photos Downloadable logs & PDFs Quickly identify RFIs that are in your court

    RFIs | ConDoc Staff | December 28, 2020

  • Say hi to Braydon Davis

    Braydon Davis is a software rock star, and has been with ConDoc for over four years now.   As Lead Developer for ConDoc, some of Braydon's daily duties include:   Leading the in house development team to design and implement solutions based on industry requirements and customer feedback   Helping support the internal customer service team to facilitate faster turnaround times of user requests   Working with industry to ensure

    ConDoc | ConDoc Staff | December 17, 2020

  • Customizable Email Notifications

    ConDoc allows users the ability to manage notifications based on preference. We understand how daunting a work email inbox can get. It's tiresome having to scroll through thousands of emails every single week, and that's even if it gets past being marked as spam. You're then tasked with having to identify which emails are relevant and important enough for you to read or respond to. ConDoc's customizable notification settings help

    Customizable Settings, What's New | ConDoc Staff | December 14, 2020

  • Introducing: Enhanced Document Filters, Daily Logging Updates, Mobile V3.02

    Our amazing staff of software developers have been working around-the-clock to implement new and improved features for ConDoc. These features are intended to increase productivity and enhance the user experience. ConDoc's dedication to making the application even better than before is based on your company’s feedback and suggestions. Thank you and please keep them coming! New Features: Enhanced Document Filters Daily Logging Updates Mobile V3.02 (iOS only, Android coming soon!)

    Construction Document Management, Mobile App, New Features | ConDoc Staff | November 13, 2020

  • ConDoc: Affordable and Transparent Pricing Simplified

    ConDoc is Construction Documentation Management Simplified. ConDoc makes it easy for the entire project team to collaborate with documentation on commercial construction projects of all types and sizes. Of the various software solutions on the market, none compare to ConDoc in features, price, and quality! Web & Mobile (iOS & Android) Customized workflow Plan Set Management with full markup Daily Logging Project auditing There are many documentation management systems out there, many are

    ConDoc, Pricing | ConDoc Staff | November 9, 2020